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The best haircut in Austin and Houston is at Birds Barbershop.

Rather than us tell you, here’s what the news media has to say about our barber shop. Oh, and if you’re searching for a barber nearby, barbershop near me, haircut salon, barber shop Austin or barber shop Houston, you came to the right place.

“Though Birds has been named "Best Haircut" every year since it's been open, the accolades haven't changed the no-fuss feel.”

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“Whether it's a girl cut, a guy cut, or a girl-who-wants-a-guy-cut cut, you're in good hands at Birds.”

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“The men behind Birds Barbershop, first opened their understated Austin-based salon in 2006 to nurture an atmosphere of typically un-Texan-like hair.”

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“The classic barber shop is finally evolving to meet the times.”

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“Birds Barbershop in Austin, Texas isn't your traditional hair cuttery.”

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“Their mission was simple, really: They wanted to make the haircut experience more fun.”

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Best Haircut in Austin

2006 - 2017

Best Hair Salons in US

2006 - 2016

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